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Our Attitude Towards The Environment  + Social Responsibility


TKDS is a firm built on the precept for making a difference in every sphere of our involvement. We pride ourselves on breaking new ground with clear, practical and informational leadership. Our experts are admired for compelling case studies, engaging thought leadership and insights that lead to making wise decisions to benefit the earth’s future condition. 


TKDS is made up of people committed to partnering with clients to be responsible stewards for the environment. We deliver solutions that satisfy people’s needs, improve the environment and provide value for our clients while creating lively, memorable places.Our ability to integrate high performance into all our planning and design solutions, combined with our sustainable consulting expertise, enables us to provide life-cycle sustainable services for clients.



At TKDS, we are committed to social change and impact through our work, social responsibility and civic engagement in the communities where we are located and work. We continually participate in various programmes to uplift communities and contributing to other key social programmes.


TKDS has always been generous, in volunteering talents and resources to serve unmet needs in various communities.


We continually support various entities and programmes such as: •


  • Schools & Libraries: providing various items such as stationery, clothing and infrastructure related items.

  • National Children and Violence Trust: The trust is a registered South African non-profi t organization, established in 1995. It provides community-based psychosocial services and empowerment programmes to children, women and families in under serviced areas in Gauteng.

  • The Inam Foundation: an Autism Advocacy Group established to bring about awareness and provide support to children in the autism spectrum in disadvantaged areas.


These are some of the initiatives we provide support to annually. We also regularly provide support in disaster situations within our immediate community.


TKDS is proud of its participation in such initiatives as it resonates well with our intention to make an impact wherever we are.


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