We Research, Innovate, Model, Design & Implement.


We pride ourselves by not compromising on professionalism, accountability, quality, service and values. Furthermore, we believe in advising our clients professionally on steps to take in order to make every project a success. As a solutions firm, we adapt ourselves to any environment in order to provide the best solution for any project of any size. 

Our diversity and thorough analysis/understanding or social conditions help us to achieve the goals set before us. TKDS builds is solutions purely on sound research. We use the best and latest technology, furthermore we always adopt new and best practice thinking, enhancing efficiency as well as the quality of our outputs.


The firm has a balance of public, private and international projects making it strategic partner in any project of any nature and environment.

TKDS has pockets of excellence across all its service offerings.It is also committed to providing high-quality solutions/service to its clients, staff and partners.


Innovation in design, modelling projects and research in the built environment is a defining element of TKDS.

Underlying everything we do is TKDS’ reputation for being one of the most welcoming and approachable organisations in the country. This is reflected in our flexibility, friendliness, our client-centred approach to design and service; and our attentive staff.


Our approach to projects and/or assignments is diversified by openness through research and a desire to always adapt to any environment and work situations.

From its earliest days, the firm has led the way in developing daring and modern approaches to architecture and the built environment as whole. This pioneering spirit must come across in the communication that is developed by any and all the firm’s departments


We probe deeply to understand your goals, then fuse expertise, creativity and innovation to help you succeed. 

Our success is measured by yours.

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